Welcome To The Digital Passport

A passport invokes wanderlust in many people. Dreams of jet-setting around the world, exploring new places, cultures, people, food, drink and customs such as sports. With the proliferation of social and digital media, more people than ever have access to find new and exciting sights, places and experiences.

As professionals working in public relations, marketing, advertising, social and digital media, our job is to tell a story and to inspire action. What we do should connect emotionally with our target audience. We want our consumers and fans to be passionate and spread our message. We need to answer our audience’s “why”, why should they spend their hard-earned money and time buying our tickets, contributing to our fundraising efforts, traveling to see us, etc.

The Digital Passport will be a digital guide to traveling and exploring sport, food and drink, among other topics, in the U.S. and globally.

This blog will touch on a variety of topics. Most posts will focus on social media, marketing, public relations, design and branding as it relates to sports, travel, food, wine, beer and bourbon – a few of the things I am passionate about – while a few posts will simply give you an upfront seat to my journey. You can follow me on Twitter (@mditt), on Instagram (@dittmerm) and drop me an email here.

Thanks for tagging along and I hope you enjoy the ride!


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